Thursday, November 11, 2010

E-zine spotlight - InterNova

Since last week we made a journey around the world of speculative fiction with the help of The Portal, this week let’s make a similar journey with the help of InterNova. Although both sites feature articles and insights of the worldwide speculative fiction there is a small difference between them, because The Portal is dedicated to the reviews of the short form of speculative fiction from around the world and InterNova is dedicated to the publication of the short speculative fiction from across the world. Here is a small presentation of InterNova in its own words:

InterNova is an offspring of the German science fiction magazine Nova. Founded in 2002, Nova was intented to be a long-term forum for current German language science fiction. Part of our concept was to include in each isseue an interesting classic reprint or a translated story by a foreign guest writer. Famous writers such as Greg Egan or Brian Aldiss were so kind to contribute short works. When researching for stories outside of the Anglo-American world we found that there are much more interesting science fiction all over the world than we could publish in Nova. Thus the idea of an international edition was born.

In spring 2005 the fist issue of InterNova was published. Since Frederik Pohl’s short-living International SF in the late sixties, which lasted only for two issues, a truly international science fiction magazine has never been attempted again. InterNova was not lucky either: despite good critics the sales were so low that the magazine had to be discontinued before the second issue was in print. Not willing to give up the idea of an international sf magazine completely, however, editor Michael K. Iwoleit decided to relaunch InterNova as an e-zine.

InterNova already features non-fiction articles by Richard Kunzmann, Lavie Tidhar, Roberto de Sousa Causo and Daniel Salvo, a classic section where we can find the stories of two Italian writers, Lino Aldani (Red Rhombuses) and Renato Pestriniero (The People in the Painting), and the fiction section which features the short stories of Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil, Peak Time), Eduardo J. Carletti (Argentina, God’s Gut), Arthur Goldstuck (South Africa, The Fabulous Yesterdays), Aleksandar Ziljak (Croatia, What Colour Is the Wind?), Eric Brown (England, Thursday’s Child), Sven Klöpping (Germany, Let’s Talk About Death, Baby), Roberto de Sousa Causo (Brazil, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World), Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen (Finland, Those Were the Days), Anil Menon (India, Vermillion), Yan Wu (China, Mouse Pad), Milena Benini (Croatia, As Time Goes By), Guido Eekhaut (Belgium, A Conspiracy) and Vandana Singh (India, The Tetrahedron).

Good luck, InterNova!


rreugen said...

Too bad they don't state wether they pay their writers or not. Since they don't say anything about it on their Submissions page, I assume they don't :(

Mihai A. said...

Maybe they negotiate separately with each writer. I am not sure what is their approach in this case :)

Anonymous said...

@rreugen: We are sorry but currently we can't pay anything to our contributors. We don't earn money with Internova so we can't pass a potential gaining on to others. This may change in future. Best, Sven (Internova co-editor)

Mihai A. said...

Sven, thank you for making the things clearer. Good luck with Internova :)