Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Book trailer - "Burn Me Deadly" by Alex Bledsoe

One of the titles that caught my attention through the positive reviews received is Alex Bledsoe’s “The Sword-edged Blonde”. This week I ordered a copy of the novel and I should give it a try by the end of the year, but until then I have to admit that, besides the novel reviews, seeing the blurb and the blend of fantasy and detective story I am very curious about “The Sword-edged Blonde”. By the end of the year a second novel in the series will be published, “Burn Me Deadly” and on the Alex Bledsoe’s blog I found an interesting trailer for his book. And here is also a blurb for “Burn Me Deadly” from the publisher’s website:

Above Angelina’s Tavern in down-and-dirty Neceda you’ll find the office of Eddie LaCrosse, a freelance sword jockey who, for twenty-five gold pieces a day, will take on any task short of murder for hire. Eddie’s on his way back from a routine investigation when his horse almost runs down a half-naked blonde in serious trouble. Against his better judgment, he promises to protect the frightened young woman, only to find himself waylaid by unknown assailants and left for dead beside her mutilated body.

Eddie isn’t the kind of guy to just let something like this pass. But who killed Laura Lesperitt? Eddie’s quest for payback leads him to a tangled mystery involving a notorious crime lord, a backwoods dragon cult, royal scandals, and a duplicitous femme fatale who has trouble keeping her clothes on. As bodies pile up, attracting the unwelcome attention of the king’s guards, Eddie must use all his wits if he hopes to survive . . .


ediFanoB said...

Mihai, I'm a big fan of Eddie LaCrosse.
I read and reviewed The Sword-edged Blonde. And to my pleasure I got a reviewer copy of Burn Me Deadly which I read and reviewed recently.
And more good news for Eddie LaCrosse fans:
There will be definitely two more Eddie LaCrosse novels!! In winter 2011 Eddie will return in DARK JENNY . And in summer 2012 we will meet him again in a currently untitled adventure.

I hope you will like Eddie LaCrosse as much as I do.

Mihai A. said...

Michael, thank you for the news :)
I'll sure give Eddie LaCrosse his chance ;)