Friday, October 16, 2009

Stephen King's "Under the Dome" contest & snippet

On the 10th of November Stephen King has a new novel coming up, “Under the Dome”. And until we can enjoy the King’s latest work Hodder & Stoughton puts together a very interesting marketing campaign. Over the Internet, but not only, there are more than 5000 snippets scattered across websites and locations throughout the UK for us to find out and with the help of them we can reconstruct the novel and have a chance for some wonderful prizes. There is one hidden here on my blog, you just have to look under my blog for the “Under the Dome” snippet.
After you find it you can head for the website dedicated to Stephen King and his latest novel and find out more clues, snippet locations and more about this competition. Good luck to all!


ediFanoB said...

I read about the contest. I is an interesting one. But I don't know when to do it. I'm really busy with other things.
Anyway the book is on my list.

Jeremy said...

the text at the bottom of your blog, doesnt seems to be a valid snippet... error or ... ?

Mihai A. said...

Michael, it is on my list too :)

Jeremy, I don't know what to say, it is the one I received from Hodder so I believe it should work :)