Thursday, October 1, 2009

Support Our 'Zines Day

Damien G. Walter proposed some time ago that 1st of October to be the Support Our ‘Zines Day. He is also following John’s idea of SF Reviewers Link-up Meme and is building a Zine Link-up Meme. I loved his idea the instant I spotted it and so I want to show my support, as small as it is, for the ‘zines I become to love over time.

Nautilus – because it is the only Romanian magazine dedicated to the speculative fiction left alive. The guys over there do a tremendous job, keeping a strong community together and offering a great chance to the Romanian speculative fiction writers to make their voices heard. I hope that someday they’ll have a physical copy of their magazine and that one will live long (at least as long as the old SF magazine I grew up with, “Anticipaţia”). And because they publish my reviews and interviews ;D

Strange Horizons – because their reviews are always a source of inspiration and an example to follow. Because their articles and columns are fresh and noteworthy. And because their support for poetry is wonderful and worthy of praise.

Clarkesworld Magazine – because I love their fiction. Because I love their interviews and conversation. And because their cover art is always amazing and something to look for when the new issue comes out.

Apex Magazine – because their short fiction is a wonderful way to discover new voices of fiction, or old ones. Because their interviews and essays are features not to be missed.

Fantasy Magazine – because their love for fantasy, shown into original fiction published their, daily articles, reviews of fantasy from different media and interviews.

Weird Tales – because their magazine is full of writers, artists and creators who go outside boundaries and surprise me with their imagination. And because their covers are in a erfect symbioses with the magazine.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies – because I always find interesting fiction there. And because they have a wonderful cover art gallery.

Keep up the amazing works, guys!


Barbara Martin said...

Nice collection you have chosen, Miahi. The cover art for Wierd Tales is particularly creepy.

Mihai A. said...

Weird Tales always have such covers :)